8 Items to Clean Once a Year

With spring being just around the corner, ambitious spring cleaning may come to mind.  If you live in Philadelphia, you can easily find an excellent service that provides regular house cleaning. That way, professionals will help maintain your home’s cleanliness so you can check off your to-do list and enjoy the delights of spring in fuller measure!

When we think about those major cleaning projects that take place once a year, the images of dust bunny mountains tucked under-bed and spaghetti sauce speckling the kitchen cabinets aren’t the fondest of thoughts. Numerous and more time-consuming than our day-to-day chores, the spring cleaning scope can function like a barrier between you and your home being a place of peace and meditation.

Determined to take up the challenge of spring cleaning? Check out this list of cleaning tasks to be performed on an annual basis: 

What do you clean once a year? 

Because it is not the type of cleaning you do on a daily basis, you probably want to make the most of this cleaning project. Planning ahead of time and following a checklist can be useful in terms of getting results and making things run more efficiently. Here are eight cleaning tasks that definitely belong on the list:

Windows and window frames

Especially in center city Philly, windows get hammered year-round with pollutants from street traffic. Your view that started out so bright gradually dims with a build-up of soot.  What’s more, when you open your windows to enjoy the spring air, you’re met with the unpleasant reminder that the bottom of the window frame can get filled with dust, dirt and bugs. If you clean these dirt traps at least once a year, it can make a dramatic difference; you’ll be able to enjoy open windows without the spring breeze carrying all that built-up dirt into your lovely home! An old rag or paper towel can be used to remove loose dirt trapped in there, after which you can use a mild solution of water and soap to take care of the rest. For thorough cleaning and proper window care, consider contacting a professional window cleaning service specialized in window maintenance.

What areas in your home should you clean once a yearCurtains and blinds

Whether they are drapes, curtains or shower curtains, they all collect dust, dirt and odor, which is why they need a thorough cleaning at least once a year. For older or fine window treatments, be sure to check care instructions prior to removal for cleaning, as some may have special maintenance needs or be dry clean only.  Many fabric curtains can be brought back to life with a simple wash, but be careful not to launder too hot nor allow them to wrinkle in the dryer; you may want to cycle panels briefly and individually in the dryer and hang while slightly damp to help prevent wrinkles or shrinkage (while some fabrics may require hang dry only!).  

To clean shades or blinds, gently wipe them with a dry cloth to remove excess dust. For stains, gently wipe the area using a damp cloth and mild dish soap and water solution. Please note: plastic mini blinds become brittle from sun exposure and age; consider replacing old blinds if they have become significantly soiled- they may easily snap with cleaning!  

Light fixtures

Most light fixtures can simply be wiped down with a cloth once you get to their height! Take a room-by-room approach to clean these, and be sure to tackle this prior to cleaning the lower parts of the room, such as upholstery and floor.  A tip for cleaning cloth lamp shades: try using a vacuum brush tool or a lint roller.  

For thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach and/or ornate light fixtures, consider contacting a professional lighting service specialized in light fixture maintenance.

The interior of cabinets, drawers or closets

Another part of this annual cleaning is the dust, debris and spills that get stuck in closets, cabinets and drawers. The only way to get rid of it is by taking out the contents and then vacuuming and dusting the interior with a damp cloth.  

The interior of appliances

Although they are easily overlooked, the interior of big appliances such as the fridge, the oven, the washer and dryer duct also needs cleaning every now and then. Keeping them clean will also help them work properly, extending their service life and could in some instances reduce your utility bill.


In addition to routine vacuum cleaning, rugs and carpets need a thorough clean at least once a year. Dirt can get trapped deep inside the fabric, at which point it may be necessary to give them a thorough wash, especially if you get a lot of foot traffic. Luckily, you can have a specialized carpet cleaning service do this for you. Please note, it is advised to vacuum the carpet first (especially at the edges of the room where dust concentrates) prior to having carpets shampooed to aid in the effectiveness of the carpet cleaning.

Area behind heavy furniture and large appliances

These places are difficult to reach and access so we often overlook them.  After all, it’s not easy to move the sofa or the washing machine to get behind it and get rid of the hidden dirt.  Bear in mind that these tasks can be potentially unsafe, too. So ask yourself if it is worth the risk to climb the ladder just to clean the dusty top shelf that you do not use. If you will be moving heavy furniture, it’s best to have a friend help; reduce the physical strain on yourself and avoid scratching the floor.  Alternatively, you may be able to slide a swiffer underneath or behind, to get the job done just fine, until moving day or time for a new appliance/sofa!

Outdoor furniture

The best time to clean your outdoor furniture is in the springtime, perhaps after the pollen has dropped and some spring showers have mitigated its potency. You can wash most outdoor pieces with a sponge and a mild solution of soap and water. Just hose everything down and your patio will be ready for summertime!

Where to find a reliable regular house cleaning service in PhiladelphiaWhere to find a reliable regular house cleaning service in Philadelphia?

All things considered, cleaning really does take a lot of our time, and this is true of deep cleaning, regular cleaning and non-routine cleanings. If you want to spend that time doing more pleasant things and still maintain an enjoyable and comfortable home environment, EverGreen Maids is the house cleaning service that you need in your life. 

By booking a recurring cleaning, you can rest assured that your home and the cleanliness of it will be trusted to trained, insured and bonded cleaning technicians committed to providing a consistently high standard of service. Perhaps you can enjoy a relaxing tour of Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park while the professionals take care of your home. Make your appointment now!