Are you looking for a Philadelphia Cleaning Service!

Look no further than EverGreen Maids Philadelphia. EverGreen Maids is one of the leading cleaning services in Philadelphia, providing top notch, quality service to the city. We are local and our office is based in Center City and we know the city very well!

While we aren’t perfect and will never be, we strive to deliver top quality service for your home, family, and pets!


Certified Cleaning Inspector

Philadelphia Cleaning Service

One thing that makes us unique is that each and every cleaning technician that we have is trained to be a Certified Cleaning Inspector for our cleaning service in Philly. Not just a supervisor! All of our staff are trained to be able to properly inspect fellow teammates work. This helps each individual cleaner get better at their own work and create a culture of accountability and high quality!


Does having a dirty home drive you crazy?

If you love living in filth, don’t call us 🙂 as we are probably not the right fit for your needs BUT if living in a dirty or messy home causes you stress, pain, and anxiety and you are sick of cleaning, we would LOVE to serve YOU!



Streamlined Cleaning Service in Philadelphia

We make it easy to live life and give you back your time! Time is your most precious resource and we will give you back your time through providing quality service and doing it in a streamlined fashion.



Call NOW to get back your time!

Live your Life! Let us Clean!