Just type in “house cleaning in Philadelphia” on Google and you will be amazed by the number of hits you’ll get. This alone should be enough to show you that hiring a reliable cleaning company is not an easy job. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t despair! We guarantee that the exemplary house cleaning provider is just a phone call away and is waiting for you to discover it.

How do I choose a house cleaning service?

Being able to filter through a variety of offers is essential, but in order to know what to look for, you first need to get acquainted with the available options. Ask yourself “Why should I hire a cleaning professional?” and “What kind of cleaning service do I need?”

Then, think about all the qualities you expect to find in your cleaner. Finally, transfer your ideas into interview questions for your short-listed candidates. Here are a few important topics that you can bring up and get the answers which will help you make the right decision:How do I choose a house cleaning service

What kind of cleaning services do they offer?

Most house cleaners provide a basic cleaning package which includes carpet vacuuming, dusting, mopping, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, and similar. Unfortunately, this is far from enough. In case your house has not been regularly maintained, you will need to start by booking a deep-clean service and then continue with scheduling regular appointments.

Additionally, you may want to opt for an experienced business that also has a post-construction and a move-in/move-out cleaning service included in their offer.

How do they screen their employees?

When choosing a cleaning company, don’t forget to inquire about their hiring process. You would want to go with a business that takes your safety seriously and performs a background check on all new staff members. Thanks to such a detailed approach, you will feel at ease and 100% ready to begin the next, cleaner chapter of your life.

And, why not celebrate this fresh start with a fun trip to the One Liberty Observation Deck!? You’ll get a chance to enjoy a breathtaking look at the Philadelphia skyline before you come home to your spotless oasis of peace.

Does the staff consist of employees or contract workers?

Contract workers do not enjoy the same privileges and benefits as employees do, so they may be less motivated to go above and beyond to meet your requests. On the other hand, companies’ employees possess a deeper understanding of the job. Their expertise-driven practices and timely services will easily outshine all the others.

Plus, since official employees are in their firms for a long haul, you may request to have the same person sent to you every time. And, even if you are sent a replacement on certain occasions, you will know that they are equally reliable and properly trained.

Are they insured?

Accidents tend to happen, a machine can break, the cleaner might suffer an injury, but this should never get back to you. To avoid being on the hook for money in the event of a disaster, always hire cleaners who carry full insurance. This way, you will be properly reimbursed and your property secured.Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee

Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Top cleaning companies will always provide its customers with peerless services and implement proven strategies to clean your apartment quickly and efficiently. Nevertheless, a cleaning job can get messy and a mistake or two can slip by.

Therefore, instead of making unrealistic promises, the go-to-businesses in Philadelphia will offer you a satisfaction guarantee. So, if it happens that you are not happy with the end results, you’ll know that your feedback will be appreciated and the mistake promptly corrected.

Who are the best house cleaning pros across Philadelphia?

EverGreen Maids has been a preferred choice for cleaning services in Philadelphia and beyond for more than a decade now. Our exceptional employees and unparalleled professionalism set us apart from our competition. We will take care of your needs and send you only the best of the best cleaners who have passed extensive training and have significant experience under their belt.   

Besides offering standard and deep cleaning options, we take pride in our post-construction and move-in/ move-out cleaning services. With us, you’ll get a company that is available for a long-term commitment. After all, consistency is crucial if you want your home properly maintained. Give us a call today and let’s talk business!