Oh, no, not another COVID-19 announcement!! As I have set out to write to you, our valued clients, I’m humbled and aware that you’ve likely already read several similar emails and do not necessarily need to read more about the virus and how to best protect yourself and others from its spread. It is important to us, however, that we communicate with you our precautions and considerations, since we consider ourselves a part of your life! I hope this email is informative and perhaps more relevant as you trust our company to take care of your home!

As of Tuesday, March 10th, COVID-19 is officially in Philadelphia. This was expected by most and unfortunately we will see more cases in Philadelphia in the coming weeks.

We have learned that COVID-19 testing is actively happening in Philly when symptoms and/or travel history dictates the necessity. This is a good sign and hopefully will continue so we can identify and isolate the relevant people. We hope and trust that Philadelphia will take this seriously as it appears they are doing with cancelling major events like the St Patrick’s Day Parade.

We are continuously monitoring the evolving situation and following the guidelines put out by the CDC and WHO. Our goal is to keep our staff and clients safe. Ensuring our technicians are healthy and providing you with a germ free home is one of the best ways for our company to help our local community.

What EverGreen Maids is doing about COVID-19

– First of all, we are taking this very seriously. We are not panicking but are making changes to ensure we do our part to ensure your home is clean, germ free, and safe.

– We are actively educating and coaching our technicians in how to adapt their normal cleaning procedures to prioritize protecting against this invisible virus. Our cleaning techs will continue to address the every-day dust, dirt and grime, but we believe this is a time to escalate their focus, specifically where invisible germs are most likely.

– For a season and when appropriate, we are incorporating products shown effective against such viruses as coronavirus.

– We are re-training all of our staff to ensure high touch areas (ie door handles, light switches) are cleaned.

– We are encouraging our staff to avoid anyone exhibiting sick symptoms and training our staff to remain at home and see a Dr immediately if they have a fever or other signs of illness.

– Adding extra hand sanitizer in our office and providing travel sized sanitizer to our technicians. We are asking our technicians to wash their hands thoroughly upon entry to a home and to follow the recommended WHO hand washing protocol. We are also asking our technicians to supplement with hand sanitizer when hand washing is not available.

– We are asking our clients to postpone service if anyone in their home has had any recent symptoms of the flu or unidentified respiratory symptoms.

As a company, we have always strongly believed in avoiding cross contamination and are already setup to be the best cleaning service in Philly for avoiding the spread of germs. This is why we utilize products and equipment stored in your home for regular service and are not bringing supplies between homes. Additionally, our cleaning system is already setup to reduce germs. For example, our mop system does NOT utilize a bucket and water system which only spreads germs. We use a closed system and utilize microfiber mop pads that we get wet and add product to separately (each new mop pad that we mop with is clean and germ free :).

How Can You Help:

– Stay informed. Please don’t panic as that could lead to undue stress; rather, lets try to process all the relevant information about COVID-19 and make informed decisions. The CDC provides a helpful overview of what you should know about COVID-19 here.

– If you or anyone in your household is exhibiting flu like symptoms or an unidentified respiratory illness, please contact us immediately to postpone service.  While we understand you won’t always have much notice, please let us know as soon as possible so we can plan alternative work for our staff. The safety of our community is paramount but we also want to minimize any reduction in work for our staff where we can.

We can all, practice good hygiene. These habits include

– Wash your hands frequently, and for at least 20 seconds, with soap and water to protect yourself and others from germs.

– Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.

– Keep your hands away from your face, because germs routinely spread when a person touches something contaminated with germs, and then touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth.

More resources can be found at: