Stainless steel makes a very classy and elegant addition to your home. However, if not tended to often enough, your appliances may lose their shine and their sophisticated look. Fortunately, maintaining it in good condition is not as difficult as it might seem. As long as you maintain a regular stainless steel cleaning and maintenance routine, you’re good to go.

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But first, check out these tips and see if you can take care of your stainless steel by yourself!

How do you maintain stainless steel appliances?

To do this properly, you can use a solution made of ingredients we usually have in our homes, or you may go for a commercial cleaner. These tips might help you decide which option suits you best.

Dish soap and baby oil

Apart from soap and oil, you will also need warm water and three cloths, preferably made of cotton or microfiber. To make the solution, mix one teaspoon of the soap with a cup of water. This solution comes in handy if you also have some marble to clean. Once you’ve made the solution, dampen one cloth with it and clean your appliance in the direction of the grain. Use another cloth and dampen it with water only in order to remove any residue. Finally, apply some baby oil on the third cloth and gently work it in grain direction.

Vinegar and olive oil

White vinegar is widely applied in home cleaning, and it can also be used for stainless steel. In this case, two cloths will suffice. The first step is dampening one cloth with white vinegar to clean the surface. Let the vinegar dry and then work the oil using the other cloth, remembering to follow the direction of the grain. Note, while vinegar is great for removing some stains such as those caused by hard water, some food stains may loosen more easily with the dish soap solution described above.

Just like you can use olive oil on your wooden furniture to restore its shine, you can apply a few drops on a soft microfiber cloth to wipe your stainless steel.

Sometimes we have to deal with small rusting spots, so here’s an extra tip: use a cloth to gently rub on a paste made of one tablespoon baking soda and two cups of water in the corroding area, moving only in the direction of the grain.  Then gently wipe with a damp cloth in grain direction.  Though stainless steel is strong, its pristine finish is not impenetrable.  While cleaning, resist the desire to move in a circular motion, ensure the cloth is moist, and be careful not to apply too much pressure.  Applying an oil after cleansing will help protect the finish.

Commercial cleaners

When it comes to commercial cleaners, the safest way to choose the right one is to check the manufacturer’s recommendations on your appliance. When cleaning with these, it’s also important to rinse well and follow the grain.

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What should you not use on stainless steel?

Some things should definitely be avoided when cleaning stainless steel, so here is a list of what not to do:

  1. Never clean in a circular motion. It makes the cleaning residue get deeper in the grain, and your motions may begin to create unsightly new grain directions.  Keep in mind that different parts of your appliance may have different grain directions, so look closely before cleaning!
  2. Never use an abrasive sponge. This can make small scratches and make the finish look dull.
  3. Don’t use bleach or any cleaner containing chlorine; they will stain and damage the surface.
  4. Don’t clean the surface unless it is cool to the touch.
  5. Magnets can also make scratches, so you might want to avoid them on your stainless steel appliances.

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