Natural stone is truly impressive. This remarkable work of nature boasts amazing beauty and permanence. Therefore, it can be beautifully integrated into home design and with proper care, it really can last a lifetime. With only a few simple tricks you can easily maintain your natural stone and marble surfaces on your own. While you can leave the task to a professional crew of cleaning professionals offering house cleaning services in Rittenhouse Square, Philly, and other areas, you can also do it yourself. Read on to find out more!

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How to clean natural stone and marble?

If you choose to maintain your marble and natural stone surfaces by yourself, here are some simple guidelines for you to follow.

Soap and water

For regular cleaning, warm water and a clean soft cloth will be just enough to remove dust. But every now and then, it may be necessary to use a solution of mild soap and warm water which will help remove any residue. Next, rinse with clean water. You may use this opportunity to also clean your stainless steel appliances, since the solution is great for this, too.

Stone soap

Instead of using your typical go-to mild soap, you may also go for a soap made specifically for stone. For regular cleaning, both options are perfectly fine. However, when there are some heavy-duty stains to be removed, it is best to opt for the stone soap. It is available in hardware stores and there are different types to choose from.

Stone sealing

A great way to protect your stone surfaces is to apply sealing. This is a kind of coating that makes the surface stain and dirt resistant– especially important for kitchens, bathrooms and high traffic areas of floors. However, the right type of sealing depends on many factors such as the hardness, density or finish of the stone, which is why it is recommended to have this task done by a stone care technician.  Sealer needs reapplied periodically to ensure the protection of the stone beneath.


Here are some additional tips on how to keep your stone surfaces looking beautiful as long as possible.

  1. Place non-slip mats or rugs on entryways to keep dirt away.
  2. Dust and mop the floor frequently.
  3. Use placemats when eating on bar tops or counters made of stone.
  4. Use coasters for glasses.
  5. Use non-scratch trivets to protect the surface from hot cookware.

What should you not use on marble or natural stone?

To be able to provide complete care and maintenance for your stone, here are some of the things that should be avoided.

  1. Don’t use vinegar or any other cleaner containing acid. Although vinegar is frequently used in household cleaning, it can damage stone.
  2. Don’t use any abrasive cleaning products such as soft cleaners or dry cleaners. These can make scratches on the surface.
  3. Don’t use baking soda.
  4. Do not use ammonia or bleach; also never mix ammonia and bleach. Apart from damaging stone, this mix creates a toxic and lethal gas.
  5. Don’t use worn vacuum cleaners since the plastic and metal attachments may scratch the surface.
  6. Don’t apply oils. Although oil is great for finishing off wood cleaning, it may stain the stone.

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How to find dependable house cleaning services in Rittenhouse Square, Philly?

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