With reliable cleaning companies offering excellent cleaners in Fitler Square, Philly, and elsewhere in the heart of the city, you can save time and forget about cleaning supplies. But if you prefer taking care of your home by yourself, we’d like to offer some guidance.

With so many cleaning tools available, it can be difficult to choose the one that meets your exact needs. You want an efficient product that makes cleaning go smoothly, but some of them are so similar (or different!) and it’s not easy to commit and pick the right one, especially when it comes to floor maintenance. Floor dusters, wet mop pads, traditional and microfiber mops, they all promise excellent performance. That’s why we have put up a list of pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Are-disposable-dusters-and-wet-mop-pads-worth-itAre disposable dusters and wet mop pads worth it?

If you are willing to shop for and spend money on continual refills, disposable floor dusters and wet mop pads are easy to use, but they are more suitable for smaller areas. Here are some of the pros of the disposable option:

  • Convenient (they are lightweight and even kids can use them without trouble); no laundering required!
  • Efficient in cleaning narrow or shallow hard-to-reach places
  • Good for multitaskers (easy to handle using only one hand)

Potential drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • Creating more waste (they come with replaceable pads; you need to replace several pads to clean the whole house, which also adds up in spending week after week)
  • The flat surface does not penetrate to clean into tile grout
  • Unable to collect large debris (though when dry mopping, you can push it into a pile)
  • The mop head is small, so it takes longer to clean an entire room compared to a tool with a larger surface area base.
  • If your floors require frequent scrubbing or have significant buildup, disposable pads are not sturdy and have minimal surface area to collect dirt; they are meant for only light-duty, light pressure cleaning.

All things considered, having a lightweight disposable duster on hand is convenient for cleaning up small messes. Since it’s not heavy, your children can also give you a hand as they build up their cleaning skills.

Does a disposable pad mop clean better than a microfiber or traditional mop?

While a disposable option is good for dealing with small areas, a sturdy modern mop with several washable (reuseable) microfiber mop pads is great for heavier duty messes and big areas. Only, you will be committing to another load of laundry.  Note, it is highly recommended to vacuum or dry mop for hair and debris prior to wet mopping.

The traditional mop (think a bunch of white strings or a rectangular sponge attached to a long pole) doesn’t use any pads, but it is less sanitary to clean with a mop that cannot be readily and thoroughly washed out when soiled. Microfiber mop pads also allow you to better control the amount of moisture applied to your floors compared to the traditional style mop, which can over-saturate floors and put them at risk of water damage. If versatility is more important in your home than space-saving, having both the disposable option and a good sturdy mop with reusable pads is a win-win.

Does-a-disposable-pad-mop-clean-better-than-a-microfiber-or-traditional-mopWhere to find reliable cleaners in Fitler Square or other parts of Philly?

If you’ve had it with house cleaning and you want to spend a few more hours a week with your family instead or make more room in your schedule for some wholesome, much-needed self-care, then it’s time to hire professional cleaners. Whether you want to keep your bathroom always fresh, restore shine to your kitchen, or take excellent care of the delicate surfaces in your home, EverGreen Maids is your go-to cleaning company!

With a long track record in the business, and a team that consists of insured, and bonded professionals, we have the resources to provide quality cleaning services to our clients. Have an exciting tour of the Franklin Institute while we take care of your home! Give us a call today!