Your home may have looked just like from a cover of a magazine when you first moved in, but keeping that perfect appearance can be extremely difficult, if not utterly impossible. You are constantly swamped with work and cleaning is the last thing to cross your mind. Worry no more, fully qualified and skilled house cleaners are just a phone call away!

The beginning of the year is a perfect moment to research house cleaning services in Philadelphia and build a long-lasting collaboration with your chosen service provider. If you are still weighing in the pros and cons of hiring professional cleaners, let us present to you some of the reasons why you should not be in doubt and take the leap. Ready!?

Should I hire a house cleaner?

Yes, yes and YES! Having a reliable cleaner in the home leaves you with nothing else to desire. Just imagine life without all that cleaning-related stress. You’ll finally be able to host your unannounced guests without feeling ashamed of your unvacuumed carpet and smudgy sink.

Choosing the most trustworthy cleaner is not an easy job, especially if you are a first-timer. You may have no idea what to expect from your house cleaning company nor some other basic things like how long cleaning takes on average.

However, this shouldn’t scare you off. Remember, saving some time to research your choices will definitely pay off in the long run. Let’s now focus on some specific benefits of hiring a cleaner.Should I hire a house cleaner

What are the benefits of hiring a professional house cleaning service?

If you’re thinking about hiring cleaning services, you should consider a bigger picture. They will not only provide you with a spotless apartment, but they will do so much more:

Increased productivity

Instead of focusing your energy on cleaning, you can direct it towards some bigger work-related goals and stay on the top of your game. What’s more, knowing that you haven’t still found the time to clean your home can distract you and burden your thoughts. So, if you want to preserve the clarity of your mind, hire the pros now.

Healthier environment

Poorly-maintained kitchens and bathrooms are a true nightmare. Not only do moldy walls and sticky floors look disgusting, but they can also harm your health. Air quality is another crucial factor directly related to your well-being.

Dust mites, dirt, and similar allergens are hiding in your carpets, curtains, blinds, and other hard-to-reach places, and won’t be eliminated without skillful deep-cleaning techniques of your trusted professional. Once you’ve had your home deep-cleaned, go with a standard routine and establish how often you should have your home cleaned. Consistency is the key to success!

Skilled staff

Respectable cleaning businesses implement a step-by-step hiring process and conduct background checks on their potential employees. Owing to their diligent approach, you will get a skilled cleaner who will know what is expected from them and will try to meet your expectations. You will be at safe hands and finally have enough time to take a trip or watch a game at Citizens Bank Park.

Right tools for the job

The go-to businesses in Philadelphia operate in compliance with OSHA regulations and have them in mind when choosing the most appropriate cleaning supplies. You should always check if the cleaner will bring their products and equipment or provide you with a list of recommendations. Even though the first option may seem more appealing at first glance, you should avoid it since this can lead to cross-contamination.

The elderly and child-focused services

Toddlers and infants are particularly susceptible to a variety of dangerous health conditions caused by germs and viruses that thrive in dirty places. However, they are not the only ones. As we are getting older, our immune system is becoming weaker and our bodies are no longer able to defend themselves as efficiently as before. So, if you have your parents or grandparent staying at your place, book a cleaning service today!What are the benefits of hiring a professional house cleaning service

Where are the most loyal house cleaning services in Philadelphia?

Here at EverGreen Maids, we do our best to stand out from the crowd and offer you services that meet the highest standards of customer satisfaction. Besides a regular and a deep-clean routine, we take pride in our move-in/ move-out and post-construction cleaning services.

Our company invests a lot of time and effort into the hiring process and provides all the new employees with two-week one-on-one training. This allows us to accommodate you with higher quality cleaning services than our competition and stay the go-to company in Philadelphia and beyond. Finally, our cleaning services are pet-friendly, so your furry friends have nothing to worry about! Call us today and let’s find out what kind of cleaning your home needs.